Constitution and Bi-Laws
  Article 1: NAME

The name of the organization shall be “TELUGU CANADA FOUNDATION” or in short form “TCF”

Article 2:

The headquarters of the TCF shall be in the Kitchener-Toronto Region.

  • Objectives:
    • The TCF shall strive to promote social, cultural and educational interests of its members, develop understanding between members of the Indian community and such other residents of Canada as are interested in the welfare of this community, and make the latter aware of issues of concern to the Indian community.
    • The TCF shall help promote and retain Indian languages and cultural traditions as essential components of multiculturalism in Canada.
  • Activities:
    For achieving its objectives, the TCF
    • Shall organize social, cultural and educational activities and sponsor/participate in such other programs as may be of general interest to its members.
    • Shall operate as a non-profit charitable organization and any accretion shall be used to promote its objectives and none of the income shall be available for the personal benefit of the members. The Foundation shall be registered as a non-profit charitable organization under Revenue Canada, Taxation.
    • Shall register itself under the Company's Act to protect the use of its name by other organizations.
    • Shall become a vehicle of expression and representation for the member community with regard to their legitimate concerns and interests.
    • Shall co-operate with and assist other agencies/organizations with similar objectives in all possible ways to serve the best interests of the community.


Membership shall be open to anyone who is 18 years of age and over and subscribes to the objectives of the TCF,
Membership, as defined under section 1 of the By-laws, shall be of the following catagories:

  • General Membership
    • Annual (Free) for New Landed Immigrants
    • Bi-Annual
  •   Life Membership  
  •   Donor Trustee


Membership dues, except for Life Membership, shall be determined annually by the General Body at the time of its Annual Meeting.

Article 6: OFFICERS

  • The TCF may have a Patron.
  • The affairs of the TCF shall be administered by the TCF Committee of ten members, comprising:
    • Elected Officers:
      General Secretary
      Cultural Coordinator
      Directors (6)
      Ex-Officio Officer: The immediate Past-President shall be ex-officio officer on the Executive Committee.
  • The duties and powers of the officers of the TCF are defined under section 3 of the By-laws.
  • The officers of the TCF shall assume office of April 1st following the Annual General Body Meeting at which they are elected and shall hold office for two years.
  • BOT:  3 Members( Elected by Life Members only)
  • Donor Trustees: Unlimited  i.e., who ever paid $500 will be the Donor Trustee forever of TCF

Donor Trustee Chairman elected by Donor Trustees only
Article 7: ELECTIONS

  • The officers of the TCF shall be elected by a simple majority of members present at the Annual General Body Meeting.
  • The Patron shall be a person of high repute in Government, Politics, Education, Arts or Culture and shall be nominated by the Executive.
  • All members of the TCF who are in good standing shall have the right to vote and seek election to the Executive.


  • The TCF shall hold an Annual General Body Meeting before Dec 31st  of every two years to review its activities, to establish policies and programs for the next year, and to elect a new Executive.
  • The TCF shall hold additional meetings for special purposes as and when deemed necessary.


The fiscal matters of the TCF shall be conducted according to section 5 of the By-laws.

Article 10: AUDITORS

  • The auditor(s) of the TCF shall be appointed by the Executive and shall be paid such remunerations as deemed necessary by the Executive.
  • The auditor(s) of the TCF shall have the right of access to all books and records of the Foundation and shall be entitled to require from any and all members of the Executive such information and explanation as may be necessary for the performance of the duties of the auditor(s).


The seal of the TCF shall remain in the custody of the General Secretary or such other person as may be designated by the Executive and all papers or documents required to be sealed on behalf of the TCF shall be sealed in the presence of the President and the General Secretary or of such other persons as may be designated by a resolution of the Executive.


The members of the TCF shall have the right to propose a motion of no-confidence against any or all members of the Executive Committee in accordance with section 9 of the By-laws.

Article 13: AMENDMENTS

Amendments to the Constitution/By-laws shall be made in accordance with section 10 of the By-laws.


  • The TCF may be dissolved with the will of the membership or due to lack of interest therein, as set out in section 11 of the By-laws.
  • On dissolution of the TCF, its property and assets after liquidation of all liabilities shall be distributed as the membership in the General Body meeting shall decide (or the Executive, as the case may be), provided that no part of the assets and/or of the undisbursed portion of any grant(s) made available to the Foundation by contributing agencies is returned to the Contributor(s).




  • General Membership: Any person who is 18 years of age or over and subscribes to the objectives of the TCF and pays annual dues shall be a General Member. Such a person shall be a member in good standing and hereafter referred to as a "member".
  • Family Membership: Husband, wife and their dependents shall be considered as members. However, only husband, wife and dependents over 18 years of age shall have voting rights.
  • Senior Citizen/Student Membership: Anyone who is over 65 years of age or 18 years of age or over while being a full-time student at school, college or university shall be a senior citizen/student member. A married senior citizen/student with family shall have the same privileges as a "Family Membership" as defined under section 1(b), but the annual dues shall be charged for the senior citizen/ student category.
  • Life Membership: Any member(s) (single or family) who pays a sum of $100.00 towards the operations of the Foundation shall be a member(s) for life with all rights and privileges of member(s).


  • Prospective members shall fill out a membership application, signing the statement "I subscribe to the objectives of the TCF ", printed on the application form.
  • Non-payment of annual dues shall automatically result in the termination of membership and the member in default shall not have the privilege of participating in the affairs of the TCF, including but not restricted to taking part in elections, serving on sub-committees, offering themselves for positions on the Executive. Such members shall be considered as members not in good standing. The membership shall, however, be reinstated provided a new application is made and necessary dues are paid. A grace period of 30 days after March 31 shall be allowed to those members whose membership ceased on April 1st. During that period the member shall be deemed to be considered in good standing even though they have not renewed their membership for the ensuing year.
  • A member whose application and dues were received after December 31 of any year shall not be able to exercise the right to vote at the Annual General/Special Body Meeting held between January and March of that year. For other special meetings members who have at least 30 days, standing in the TCF shall have the right to vote.
  • Members shall not engage in activities and expressions that are contrary to the objectives of the TCF. Violation of these By-laws may necessitate disciplinary action to be decided by the Executive.

  • Patron: Shall proide a high profile to the TCF and act in an advisory capacity.
  • President:
    • Is the chief executive and the spokesperson of the TCF.
    • Shall call, adjourn and preside over all Executive, General/Special Body Meetings.
    • Shall be an Ex-Officio member, all sub-committees, task forces, ad-hoc committees or any committee of a special nature.
    • Shall be a co-signee on all cheques along with the Treasurer.
    • Shall, in consultation with the Executive, appoint in the month of January each year a Nomination and Election Committee of three members including the immediate past president who will act as a chairperson, to convass, initiate and propose a slate of officers for election at the Annual General Body Meeting. In case the Past-President is not available, then president shall name one of the three persons to chair this committee.
    • Shall have a casting vote in the Executive, whereas in General Body Meetings shall vote like other members.
    • Or his designate shall represent the Foundation on other organizations and committees external to the TCF as required.
  • General Secretary:
    • Shall give at least one week's notice for Executive Meetings and at least three week's for General/Special Body Meetings. Executive meetings of urgent nature may be called by the General Secretary on the authorization of the President without giving advance notice.
    • Shall be responsible for maintenance of accurate, up-to-date records and minutes of all meetings of the General/Special Body and Executive Committee.
  • Treasurer:
    Shall be the financial advisor of the Foundation, shall prepare budgets in consultation with the Executive and shall maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all financial transactions of the TCF.
  • Public Relations Secretary:
    Shall maintain proper liaison with the media to promote the work of the Foundation, shall prepare publicity and other related material as authorized by the Executive and shall assist in the preparation of the TCF 's newsmagazine.
  • Members-at-Large:
    The president, in consultation with the Executive, may assign to Members-at-Large some tasks for furthering the objectives of the TCF.
  • Cultural Coordinator:
    Shall coordinate cultural activities in consultation with the Executive and shall form cultural sub-committee comprising of members of the Executive.
Section 4: EXECUTIVE

  • Except for a sufficient cause, an Executive member shall not miss more than three (3) consecutive meetings of the Executive. In case of default the Executive may declare the position vacant.
  • Vacancy occurring in the Executive Committee, except as provided for in section 3 of the By-Laws, shall be filled by nominations for a period extending until the next Annual General meeting by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee or by an election within the Executive.
  • A meeting of the Executive shall be called by the President upon receipt of a request for such a meeting provided the request is received in writing and is signed by at least four (4) members of the Executive. The President shall call such a meeting within two (2) days after the receipt of the request.
  • Five (5) Executive members present in person shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Executive.
  • If the President is not present at a meeting of the Executive, the General Secretary shall preside.


  • The fiscal year of the TCF shall be the calendar (Two) years.
  • All funds of the TCF shall be deposited from time to time in a chartered bank or trust company approved by the Executive.
  • The TCF may maintain separate accounts with one or more banks.
  • All monetary transactions shall be made in the name of the TCF. All cheques as well as all slips issued for drawing funds shall be signed jointly by the Treasurer and the President or his/her designate.
  • The accounts of the TCF shall be audited by the auditor(s) appointed by the Executive Committee. The auditor(s) shall prepare a financial statement up to December 31 for presentation at the Annual General Body Meeting. However, an unaudited statement of accounts for the period of January-March shall also be presented at the same Annual General Body Meeting. The incoming Executive shall have the January-March accounts audited after taking office for presentation at the next Annual General Body Meeting.
  • All fiscal decisions shall require the approval of the Executive Committee.
  • The membership dues shall be approved at the Annual General Body Meeting.
  • The TCF shall have the power to acquire by gift, bequests, grants, or any other means, funds and any other assets for the purpose of carrying out the Foundation's programs and objectives.


  • The Nomination and Election Committee shall canvass, initiate and propose a slate of officers for elections at the Annual General Body Meeting to be held in March.
  • The Committee shall conduct and supervise election of officers of the TCF.
  • The names of the members of the Nomination and Election Committee shall be made known to all members along with the notice of the Annual General Body Meeting not later than February 15.
  • Nominations for the election of officers shall not be open from the floor at the Annual General Body Meeting.
  • All nominations duly proposed and seconded shall require the consent of the nominee.
  • No officer on the Executive of the TCF shall be elected in absentia.
  • Only the members shall have the right to vote.
  • Each member present shall be entitled to one vote. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.
  • Voting shall be by secret ballot.
  • The term of office of an officer shall not exceed more than two consecutive years for one portfolio. The officer who has continuously served for six years in various portfolios shall not be nominated for any other office of ICA for two years. However, the members who have served their six year terms in various portfolios and are still interested to serve the community may be considered for an advisory role.


  • The President, in consultation with the Executive, shall call the Annual General Body Meeting before March 31. Notice of this meeting shall be mailed to the membership at their address of record at least three (3) weeks in advance of the date of the meeting.
  • One-fifth (1/5) of the membership or fifty (50) members, whichever is less, shall constitute a quorum at any General/Special Body Meeting.
  • Voting shall be by secret ballot in the case of election of officers, and by show of hands in other cases, unless a secret ballot or a standing vote is requested by the majority.
  • Special General Body Meetings of the Foundation can be called in addition to the Annual General Body Meeting. Such Special General Body Meetings shall be called by the President at his/her own initiative or within four (4) weeks upon receipt of a written request detailing reasons, signed by at least one-fifth (1/5) of the membership. Such meetings shall deal only with those matters for which the meeting was requested by the membership.
  • Unless specified other-wise, motions duly proposed and seconded shall be carried if they receive a simple majority.
Section 8: QUORUM

The quorum for the meetings of the Executive shall be five (5) members; for the General Body Meetings it shall be one-fifth (1/5) of the membership, or fifty (50) members, whichever is less. If any of these meetings do not have a quorum at the scheduled time, a waiting period of up to thirty (30) minutes shall be allowed. Once the quorum is reached and declared so by the President, the meeting shall be valid even if attendance drops.


  • Such a motion shall be in writing and signed by at least one-fifth (1/5) of total membership or fifty (50) members whichever is less. A no-confidence motion shall be dealt with at a General/Special Body Meeting called for this specific purpose and shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote indicating no-confidence. The notice for such meeting shall be mailed at least three (3) weeks prior to the date of the Meeting.
  • A chairperson for such a meeting shall be elected by members present at the meeting initially covened by the President of the TCF.
  • Should a no-confidence motion be carried, the members shall elect a new officer or officers or a new executive, as the cases may be, for the remaining term.

Section 10: AMENDMENTS

  • Any member of the TCF can serve a motion for the amendment of the Constitution/By-laws in writing duly seconded to the General Secretary.
  • The General Secretary shall collate such requests and circulate the proposed amendments amongst the members at least three (3) weeks in advance of the General/Special Body Meeting.
  • Two-thirds (2/3) majority of the membership in attendance shall be required to approve such amendments at the General/Special Body Meeting.


  • A notice in case of dissolution of the Foundation shall be circulated to the membership at least four (4) weeks prior to calling the Special General Body Meeting. The quorum for such a meeting shall be one-third (1/3) of the membership and dissolution can only be approved by a two-third (2/3) majority in attendance.
  • The TCF can also be dissolved if the membership shows a complete lack of interest which is evident as under:
    • that an Annual General Body Meeting had to be adjourned for lack of a quorum.
    • that the second General Body Meeting called with due notice also had to be adjourned for lack of a quorum.
    • that the third General Body Meeting called did not produce the required quorum.

In that event the TCF shall be considered as dissolved. The Executive, instead of the General Body, shall determine the disposition of property and assets of the Foundation as set out in Article 14 (2) of the Constitution.